An Update On My Life Right Now

Well, I’ve been very very very busy lately. So much going on in my life!

My film ‘The House’ is shooting in 11 days! I’m very very excited. It’s all coming together finally, even if it is cutting it very close! We have a script that is short enough and that I really, really like and I am so excited about my vision of the whole thing. So many cool things that I have planned for this movie, I just hope the rest of the crew is as motivated as me into making something really moving and engaging. I haven’t really explained the film, it’s called The House because it is set mainly a house where a mother and her son live. He is the carer for her, as she is suffering from MS. As her situation worsens, and Ben gives up more and more of his own life and future to look after her, the story takes a surprising turn which raises many ethical dilemmas in the audiences mind. It’s pretty heavy for our first main project, and my first time directing actors. But I’m going to do my best.

(My house, the one we’re going to use the exterior of.)

We have pretty much cast the main role of Ben, the teenage boy who is dealing with his mother’s MS, and we have our final audition for the mother tomorrow. Then we will decide and have officially cast the film. I feel like I’m judging the X Factor or something. It’s great. I was nervous about holding auditions for the first time but I soon got into the swing of things. We’ll be having some intense scheduling and rehearsing next week before the big shoot for the last 2 weeks of October. Then into the editing suite!

And on top of all this excitement, I’ve just found out that my documentary idea has been picked up as well. Which means I’m most likely directing 2 projects! Pretty much at the same time. It’s a lot of work but I’m so excited about both. I still need to pitch it to the tutors and get approved but there’s 4 getting approved out of the 5 that got chosen, so I’m feeling pretty confident, especially because of my tutor’s very positive feedback. It is a documentary about the illusionist/mind-reader Chris Rawlins. I’m thinking of calling it ‘Behind The Illusion.’ Like it?

Also on the hunt for a short story to turn into a script for our screen-writing module, so if you have any favourites that you think would be good, send them my way.

But yes, I’ll try and blog more with the details of what’s going down and how we’re making these projects happen!

Also I’m still very new to wordpress, going to try and find some similar themed blogs and get chatting to people, then maybe some more people will see this.

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