Blog – Multiple Lives doc uploaded + other happenings

Here is the documentary we made in the second half of our second year; Multiple Lives. It is a humourous look into the lives of families who have twins or triplets and how this affects their day-to-day life.

I had the role of editor for this and am very happy with how it turned out. It was one of the best production experiences I’ve had so far. Everything went smoothly and the contributors were so nice. I like the warm, uplifting tone of it and how it has a nice message about individuality. Hopefully you all like it.

We also finished our fiction film recently and I should have a copy of that up soon. We’re actually almost done for the year, we have one more presentation and one more portfolio/essay to do then we’re done for the second year. It’s gone by so fast!

Have some exciting things coming up over the summer though:

– I’m still involved in The Big Sofa as a trainee conversationalist, it’s been really interesting even though it’s not that often at the moment. Excited that it’s my first paid work in the industry though.
– My application for Sheffield Documentary Festival was accepted and I am going to be working at front of house. Should be good work experience and will teach me a lot about the ways festival works so that will be useful.
– What I’m most excited about is that I got through to the next round of the ITV Work Experience program. I’m attending an audition/workshop day in June. Doing well there gives me a good chance of getting some work experience and training from ITV, which would be amazing. I hear they get a lot of future employees from this program, so definitely looking forward to that.

Other than that I’m just starting to look for other work experience over the summer, trying to get in touch with different production companies from the north. Hopefully something can come from that too.

I’ll be uploading the film ‘The Digital Dynamic’ soon so watch this space.


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