Blog Post – Ending Year 2, Fiction Film

So my second year of university is ending this week. Crazy stuff.

Just got one last presentation and a portfolio to do this week, then it’s summer time. Excited for a break, it’s been quite a stressful year in some ways, but a good one too. Hopefully will have a lot to do over the summer, really need to make sure I have some good stuff on my CV. So excited about the ITV Work Experience Audition day, hopefully that will lead exciting places. Oh, and I also have to decide on my dissertation. Absolutely no ideas right now. Well I have ideas I just don’t know if they are viable. But my true aim of the summer is to catch up on Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, Community and Firefly 😀

Anyways, my presentation is about the film we just made, which you can see here if you want:

I’m looking forward to working on a lot more fiction projects next year. Hopefully I can work on some things that are more suited to my interests next year. I’m a fan of anything slightly nerdy or something that is made to entertain people. I love a good emotional or dramatic film, of course, but the main reason I got into film in the first place is because I think you can have such a fun time watching movies and hopefully I can make something like that next year. Everything we make seems to be so depressing.

I’ve actually had such a great time making docs, with Behind The Illusion, War Of The Words and Multiple Lives and hopefully I’ll be able to work on some next year outside of the course, but fiction is the way forward now. I feel I have so much to learn in it. So yeah, hope everybody has a good summer!

Last geeky point. Summer films I can’t wait for: Prometheus and The Amazing Spider-Man! And I guess The Dark Knight Rises..

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