My Projects

This is where I will post all of my finished projects, along with details of my involvement. You can check out all of these plus more (including cringe inducing home made videos and music videos from before university) on my youtube channel. Subscribe!

Multiple Lives – Short light-hearted documentary about families with twins or triplets. I had the role of editor. This one was nominated for an RTS Student Award for Best Documentart!

Behind The Illusion – A documentary exploring the mysterious Chris Rawlins, an up-and-coming mind-reader/performer based in York.

The House Short Film

This is the first fiction project that I directed, it is the tragic tale of a teenage boy who has to look after his mum, who suffers from MS. But is he giving up his own life in the process?
I’m proud of the project although there are things that I would change, but that’s the only way you learn. I’m very eager to direct another fiction project after this.

War Of The Words Documentary

This is the project I am most proud from our first year. We worked very hard on making this documentary, which explores the new threat of e-books to the published word. I was the Sound guy for this, so I found all the copy-right free music. I was also involved in the editing and the brainstorming of the project.

Male Cheerleading – The Secret Sport Documentary

This was one of our very first projects on my film course. I found the main contributor, Martin, and suggested the idea. I just remembered speaking to him on a night out and finding his story interesting. That’s how lots of ideas will come from, just speaking to people. If you find it interesting it’s likely that other people will too. I had the role of producer, so I sorted out all of the bookings and the permissions and everything. There are lots of technical issues that I would change if I did this again, but for our very first project it’s not too shabby.

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