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ITV Work Experience Pool

I just got accepted into the ITV Work Experience Pool! Very exciting. Still not quite sure what it is haha but I am now officially in the pool so I can apply for any of their work experience opportunities and I don’t think there are limits so I stay in the pool as long as I want to. This is very exciting! Just need to fill out some forms and send them back to ITV then wait to find out if I can get anything this summer. Which would be amazing.

Also recently I volunteered for Sheffield doc/fest which was a lot of fun. Learnt a lot about festivals and met some great people and we’re all planning to stay in touch and meet up again, which is nice. We were on the registration desk so we could to talk with all the fancy delegates who had come from all over the world and all seemed very important. And we got to watch the films and go to the parties so even though it was volunteering it was definitely worth it.

That’s it for now. I love Summer 2012.

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