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The Hunger Games trailer hits!

Before you do anything else with your day, watch this if you haven’t seen it yet!

For anybody who doesn’t know, The Hunger Games is the movie directed by Gary Ross based on Suzanne Collins best-selling trilogy of novels. They focus on Katniss Everdeen in a dystopian future, where teenagers from all over the country are forced to battle to the death in a huge arena to entertain the rich folks, to repay for a past rebellion. The books are some of the most intense and interesting books I’ve ever read, which is surprising for Young Adult novels, really.

I’ve been excited about the film for a long time, and so have a lot of people as it has a huge following. The good news is it really looks like they’ve got it right. The cast looks incredible, and it looks like Jennifer Lawrence is going to deliver. It also looks like the reports about the production design side of things really being innovative and pushing the boundaries is going to be true. It really seems as though they care about pleasing the fans.

Hopefully we’ll all be hearing a lot more about the hunger games, and with news of the sequels writer (an oscar winner!) already been spread around the web, it looks as if lionsgate are very very confident about this franchise, and they should be. Can’t wait!

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