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Third Year! – Blog Post

Hello ūüôā

I’m back on the blog after an incredible Summer and am well and truly settled into my last year of university. The pressure’s high but I think I’m enjoying that really. There’s so much work but it’s modules I’ve chosen or a dissertation I’m choosing to write so I’m way more focused. And knowing it’s the last year helps a lot too.

My dissertation is about the impact of the 80’s Brat Pack teen movies and John’s Hughes on modern cinema. Handed in my proposal for it last week so should be getting feedback on that tomorrow. Hope that they think it’s a good idea.

The Breakfast Club

We’re also working on a film at the same time, which should be finished before Christmas. I’ve got the role of editor for this one, excited to try editing a fiction piece for the first time. I have had some success editing docs (Multiple Lives is up for an RTS student award, which is exciting!) but I’ve never been the main editor for fiction. We’re pretty early on in the process, but our film is about an old couple and how they deal with the wife having to be put into a home. The two of them used to bond over watching old romantic movies and this link allows them to feel like they are still together. If we get good actors for this, it’s gonna be emotional.

I’m in charge of the online support for the film so I’ll be making up a website for it as soon as we have a title sorted, so please look out for that soon. There’ll be a twitter and a facebook too, so follow and like away as soon as you can and help support us.

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Inspired to join a blog.


I’ve always liked the idea of having a blog, and now here I am.

As you may or may not know, my names Richard Joe James and I’m an aspiring young film-maker. I come from a fantastic town called Chesterfield but have been studying at university in York. I’m about to return to my second year, and I’m feeling more driven than ever, so I thought it was about time I set up some sort of online space that I can dedicate to my projects and can document my journey through the risky waters of film production. I also wanted to feel a little bit more professional than just my¬†twitter¬†and¬†facebook(although feel free to look me up on there or send me a personal message if you want to) as well as a place to set up an e-portfolio of my projects. I had been thinking of doing it for a while now, but after spending a day at a¬†Channel 4 4Talent¬†event I was¬†particularly¬†inspired to get this going and share my story. It’s never too early to get a bit of name branding going.

So what am I going to do here? I guess I don’t exactly know yet. I plan on keeping it updated with how my projects are going, share things that are inspiring me lately and share as much knowledge as I can, and just be honest about how challenging yet fulfilling some of this work can be. Hopefully I’ll have some fantastic stuff to share soon, I’m very excited about the projects that I have coming up, especially having my first go at directing a film with The House, but there’s plenty of time to tell you all about, so for now I’ll just say hello, and thanks for checking this out!

And always feel free to leave a comment.


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